Ebola Strikes Mali Just as Vaccination Effort Gets Under Way

A religious leader in Mali was sick with Ebola, and his caretakers failed to recognize it. As a result, many people visited him while he was sick, and over 200 people were in contact with him. Officials in Mali are trying to track down everyone who has been in contact with him to try and avert an outbreak. This took place at the same time an experimental Ebola vaccine was being tested on health care workers in Mali.

Ebola Strikes Mali Just as Vaccination Effort Gets Under Way


Nigeria, Ebola and the myth of white saviours

Until the lion learns to write, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter.This pretty much sums up this article, while people talk about how brave the Americans are saving the Africans, nobody care about the thousands of Africans also working there. In fact the Africans have a larger chance of dying, the Americans are airlifted back for medical treatment the minute they get sick, while the Africans lie in makeshift hospitals waiting to die.


Ebola outbreak: Africa sets up $28.5m crisis fund

Leaders in Africa have raised $28.5 million to support Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. According to experts, the disease should be dealt with in those countries. Liberia has seen the most deathsーabout 2,766 out of nearly 5,000. The death toll in Liberia has gone down significantly, and experts say that this could be a good chance for health workers to “step up their work.” However, the situation is still getting worse in Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Ebola outbreak: Africa sets up $28.5m crisis fund

Volunteers jump at chance to join trial of Canadian-made experimental Ebola vaccine

Volunteers are lining up to have a chance to volunteer for the trials that look to find an answer to the Ebola question. In these studies, the researchers will look for antibodies to the Ebola protein in blood drawn from the volunteers and will watch to see if antibody levels rise over time.




First Ebola Case in Mali

A two-year-old girl dies in Mali, and the government is placing measures to prevent Ebola from spreading over the country. However, as the article says:

Mali, together with cocoa producer Ivory Coast, has put in place border controls to stop Ebola at its frontiers. However, a visit to Mali’s border with Guinea by Reuters this month showed vehicles avoiding a health checkpoint set up by Malian authorities by simply driving through the bush.


Dozens in Ohio Monitored for Possible Exposure to Nurse With Ebola

Dozens of people in the Ohio neighborhood where Amber Joy Vinson, a nurse who treated Thomas Eric Duncan lived were tested. Fears that the nurse managed to spread the diseases spread, and the was “mass anxiety”. Even the shops that the nurse visited are now closed “until further notice”, and planes are on standby to transport anyone with symptoms of Ebola to hospitals with facilities that can treat Ebola.


Canada to Ship Experimental Ebola Vaccine to World Health Organization

Canada has stated that it would start shipping an experimental Ebola vaccine to the World Heath Organization in Geneva. This vaccine is the product of more than a decade of work at the Public Health Agency. Officials have stated that the vaccine showed promising results when tested on animals. They hope that this vaccine will be able to help curb the outbreak.

Canada to Ship Experimental Ebola Vaccine to World Health Organization

Nigerian who passed through Taiwan tests negative for Ebola virus

A Nigerian man with a very complicated flight route developed symptoms similar to that of Ebola, but then was tested and found negative. He and five other passengers sitting around him had fevers, which really scared the Chinese officials. Experts say Ebola only a 10% likelihood that Ebola will start spreading in China.


Ebola-Stricken Countries Turning to Ancient Practice to Curb Outbreak

People in countries that have been devastated by Ebola are becoming desperate. Many of them have turned to an ancient remedy: quarantine. Quarantine was used during the Medieval Ages to try and stifle the bubonic plague. Countries are now isolating Ebola hot zones and hoping that this will contain the outbreak. Some people are critical of this approach, saying that infections could still spread from place to place and that people inside the quarantine zone might try to flee. Since places have been put under quarantine, at least 652 more people have contracted Ebola.