ISIS beheading, stoning and crucifying Syrian residents

A UN report, titled “Rule of Terror: Living under ISIS in Syria,” has revealed that ISIS is beheading, stoning, and otherwise executing people in Syria. The report has gathered information from 300 residents who have had experience with ISIS. It says that “the corpses are placed on public display, often on crosses, for up to three days, serving as a warning to local residents.” It recommends cutting off ISIS’s weapons supply and providing support to victims.

ISIS beheading, stoning and crucifying Syrian residents, UN report says

UN Report – Rule of Terror: Living under ISIS in Syria


Archaeologists Find Ancient Wonders Near ISIS Stronghold

Working 20 meters away from ISIS-controlled areas, archaeologists work to uncover an ancient city named Karkemish. More than 500 Turkish soldiers guard this site around the Euphrates River. Artifacts are still being uncovered, and according to the article:

Marchetti said the plan is to open Karkemish to tourists next spring. A 13-foot-high (4-meter-high) concrete barrier will be erected at the site.

U.S. opens channels with Iran over ISIS

Obama has sent a letter to the leader of Iran in a effort to avert conflict between the two countries. Obama is not proposing a alliance or joint military action between the two, but to as above avoiding conflict. As the was against ISIS carries on, the two countries start operating in the same ares and airspace increasing the possibility for conflict.

ISIS chief ‘critically wounded’ in US air strike on extremist leaders’ convoy

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the apparent leader of the Islamic State, was reported to have been “critically wounded” by a US airstrike. These claims have not been confirmed, however, and the Islamic State is denying everything, claiming that Baghdadi is “alive and well.” The airstrike was targeted at what looked like to be a meeting of the extremist ISIS leaders. Although we do not know for sure if Baghdad was injured, there were at least 50 bodies.

ISIS chief ‘critically wounded’ in US air strike on extremist leaders’ convoy – reports

More People, More Money Spent Against ISIS

President Obama is planning on sending an additional 1,500 soldiers to Iraq, doubling US troops. The White House is also asking the Congress for another 5.6 billion dollars to spend on the campaign against ISIS, to sustain air strikes and to train Iraqi soldiers. US cooperation with Sunni tribes is increasing after the Albu Nimr tribe was slaughtered.

The Horror Before the Beheadings

James Foley was one of many foreigners captured by ISIS. One of 23 hostages captured from 12 countries, he was forced to give his password to the terrorists. They searched through his computer, looking at his Skype, Facebook, chats and everything else, looking for evidence of collaboration with Western militaries and/or spy agencies. They then google James Foley and the CIA, and James Foley and the KGM. They beated him, water boarded him, and hung him upside down from the ceiling. Many of the hostages converted to Islam, some for better treatment, but Foley really converted for the faith and believed in it, reading the Quran faithfully. The captors told the hostages that they would be released , gave them some chocolate, and even let a former disgraced ISIS member go. Even up until his execution, they asked him some intimate questions, similar to the ones that captors ask during a hostage situation giving him false hope.At first the pre-ISIS group just moved them around, not knowing what to do, but suddenly in 2013, they and every other foreign hostage were gathered in one place. They have decided to ransom them, the pre-ISIS group had finally transformed in ISIS. The group created a intricate bureaucracy, with police station, courts and a consumer protection office for kebab. But ISIS didn’t focus on the americans, as the US had a policy of not negotiating with terrorists.One by one, the Europeans were released until only the Americans and Briton were left.To this day only one American man, an American women, and Briton is left

US Launches 22 Airstrikes

An American soldier has died in the campaign against ISIS, but according to the US, it was due to a “non-combat” injury. Since then, 22 airstrikes have been launched, and Iraqi security forces say they have retaken most of the town of Jurf al-Sakhar. However, on Friday, reports suggest the ISIS fighters used unidentified chemical weapons near Kobani.

‘Canada getting a taste of their own medicine’: Jihadists sneer at Ottawa shooting on Twitter

Jihadist fighters and their supporters took to Twitter Wednesday to celebrate the attacks this week that took the lives of Canadian soldiers in Ottawa and St. Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., and to encourage more attacks on Canadian soil. They say Canada is getting its “just desserts” for sending fighter jets to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Al-Sham, and some said ISIS is behind the attacks in Canada.

Now German biker gangs join their Dutch counterparts in fighting against ISIS in Kobane

Members of the Median Empire Motorcycle Club, which is basically a motorcycle gang has arrived in Syria to fight the ISIS. Posing with weapon slung over their backs, they have arrived in the besieged city of Kobane which was in the process of being invaded by ISIS militants. They have went to fight ISIS, after the news that citizens fighting overseas against ISIS is not illegal broke. The laws refers to the 3 members of a  Dutch motorbike gang who traveled the middle east to fight ISIS a few weeks earlier. Three may not seem a lot, but seeing how 10,000 ISIS militants defeated 650,000 Iraqi troops, I’d say the 3 have a pretty good chance of winning. Not only are the gangsters fighting, which is what they were there to do, they also distributed food to the starving refugees.

Lebanon Pulled Into War With ISIS

Although ISIS does not yet hold land within Lebanon, ISIS does have footholds along the eastern border of Lebanon. The Lebanese have separate opinions, with the Hezbollah (Shi‘a group in Lebanon) joining the Syrian president in fighting the Sunni rebels, and Lebanon’s Sunnis being very angry.