Global Warming: An Infographic

This infographic shows us how global warming is caused, who (countries) the biggest emitters are, what it could do to our environment if it continues like it has been spreading, and more. Many species are at the brink of extinction, and the polar ice caps are melting.


Oculus Rift

Virtual reality has always been something gamers have yearned for, and it has finally become possible to play games inside a 3-D simulated world. Palmer Luckey is the founder of Oculus VR, the creator of the Rift, which is basically a headset that allows you to see games in full 3-D. Facebook bought the company this spring for 2 billion dollars.

Ebola Strikes Mali Just as Vaccination Effort Gets Under Way

A religious leader in Mali was sick with Ebola, and his caretakers failed to recognize it. As a result, many people visited him while he was sick, and over 200 people were in contact with him. Officials in Mali are trying to track down everyone who has been in contact with him to try and avert an outbreak. This took place at the same time an experimental Ebola vaccine was being tested on health care workers in Mali.

Ebola Strikes Mali Just as Vaccination Effort Gets Under Way

ISIS numbers severely underestimated

It seems like the CIA has underestimated ISIS numbers. Kurdish leaders believe that there are many more militants than the 31,000 the CIA proposed, more likely a number close to 200,000. The rapid movement and ability of ISIS troops have led many to believe that there are perhaps more soldiers than they were led to believe. It seems that they were able to quickly recuit muslim men from many places, and use them to bolster the numbers of their own.

ISIS beheading, stoning and crucifying Syrian residents

A UN report, titled “Rule of Terror: Living under ISIS in Syria,” has revealed that ISIS is beheading, stoning, and otherwise executing people in Syria. The report has gathered information from 300 residents who have had experience with ISIS. It says that “the corpses are placed on public display, often on crosses, for up to three days, serving as a warning to local residents.” It recommends cutting off ISIS’s weapons supply and providing support to victims.

ISIS beheading, stoning and crucifying Syrian residents, UN report says

UN Report – Rule of Terror: Living under ISIS in Syria

Archaeologists Find Ancient Wonders Near ISIS Stronghold

Working 20 meters away from ISIS-controlled areas, archaeologists work to uncover an ancient city named Karkemish. More than 500 Turkish soldiers guard this site around the Euphrates River. Artifacts are still being uncovered, and according to the article:

Marchetti said the plan is to open Karkemish to tourists next spring. A 13-foot-high (4-meter-high) concrete barrier will be erected at the site.