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Time travel, teleportation and invisibility cloaks will all exist by 2100, scientists claim

Physicists have predicted that personal space travel will be available by 2015. Invisibility cloaks (the Harry Potter ones) might become a reality by 2030—in fact, scientists have already developed many technologies that can make something invisible. A cloak is much harder to produce because the fibers in one have to be incredibly fine. Teleportation could be an everyday thing by 2080. Physicists have already invented reliable methods of teleportation, but only with electrons, not atoms. Time travel could exist by 2100. It has already been accomplished, but the record is only 0.02 seconds into the future. One would have to travel for 6 months at 10% the speed of light through space to jump 1 day into the future.

Time travel, teleportation and invisibility cloaks will all exist by 2100, scientists claim


Super Speed/Time Travel

Kip Thorn, the dude who brought real-life science into the movie Interstellar, has lots of interesting theories. He believes that wormholes can be used as a means of transportation across the universe, and it can also be used as a time machine. Even though the laws of physics prevent us from traveling back into the past, the future may not be as far as it seems.

Why Hong Kong Students Protested

“What’s driven students into the streets? The fear that Hong Kong could become just another Chinese city.” All the students want is to preserve Hong Kong, and prevent it from becoming just like all the other Chinese cities. By being able to vote directly, they will be able to choose their own path to follow. “What made this possible—our free markets and our free press, our courts and our schools—are not gifts from the Chinese Communist Party; they are the fruits of our own labor.”

Al-Qaeda leader wanted in US killed in SWA

On Saturday, December 6, a top al-Qaeda commander was killed in Pakistan. He was identified as Adnan el Shukrijumah, and he is the most top-ranking al-Qaeda member to be killed by Pakistan forces thus far. Shukrijumah had been indicted in the US for an uncovered plan to bomb New York at rush hour. He had recruited three men to attack the subway at first, and they traveled to Pakistan in order to gain revenge for the US’s invasion of Afghanistan. The authorities in Pakistan stated that they found out that Shukrijumah had a compound, and tried to capture him alive.

Al-Qaeda leader wanted in US killed in SWA

In real life, do villains ever think of themselves as villains? How about in fiction?

The article states that Shukrijumah was planning to get revenge against the US. He might think of himself as just another side in the war, without black and white—it’s likely that he thinks that he is the good side.

Are Telepathy Experiments Stunts, or Science?

Technology has been developed that can directly transmit information from one human brain to another. It has been tested twice, once in the US and once in Europe. In both tests, the sender of the message wore an EEG cap that detected signals in his brain. Those signals were then transmitted over the Internet to a computer that translated them into a magnetic pulse that were then delivered to the recipient of the message using a magnetic coil. Both messages were delivered successfully. However, the speed of the delivery was extremely slow. The technology is still very crude. Only a little bit of information can be transmitted at once, and no emotions, thoughts, or ideas can be transmittedーonly signals. Scientists intend to carry this research further.

Are Telepathy Experiments Stunts, or Science?

Oculus Rift

Virtual reality has always been something gamers have yearned for, and it has finally become possible to play games inside a 3-D simulated world. Palmer Luckey is the founder of Oculus VR, the creator of the Rift, which is basically a headset that allows you to see games in full 3-D. Facebook bought the company this spring for 2 billion dollars.

Ebola Strikes Mali Just as Vaccination Effort Gets Under Way

A religious leader in Mali was sick with Ebola, and his caretakers failed to recognize it. As a result, many people visited him while he was sick, and over 200 people were in contact with him. Officials in Mali are trying to track down everyone who has been in contact with him to try and avert an outbreak. This took place at the same time an experimental Ebola vaccine was being tested on health care workers in Mali.

Ebola Strikes Mali Just as Vaccination Effort Gets Under Way

ISIS beheading, stoning and crucifying Syrian residents

A UN report, titled “Rule of Terror: Living under ISIS in Syria,” has revealed that ISIS is beheading, stoning, and otherwise executing people in Syria. The report has gathered information from 300 residents who have had experience with ISIS. It says that “the corpses are placed on public display, often on crosses, for up to three days, serving as a warning to local residents.” It recommends cutting off ISIS’s weapons supply and providing support to victims.

ISIS beheading, stoning and crucifying Syrian residents, UN report says

UN Report – Rule of Terror: Living under ISIS in Syria