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Jon Snow is the bastard son of Eddard Stark, by a mother whose identity is a source of speculation. He was raised by his father alongside his true-born half-siblings, but joins the Night's Watch when he nears adulthood. He is constantly accompanied by his albino direwolf Ghost.

Little Brother Is Watching You

The Rise of Little Brother is attributed to a new concept sousveillance, which is “privately made recordings that can serve as a counterweight to institutional and government surveillance”. Or in the words of the coiner of this word “Sousveillance is a form of “reflectionism,” a term invented by Mann (1998) for a philosophy and procedures of using technology to mirror and confront bureaucratic organizations. Reflectionism holds up the mirror and asks the question: “Do you like what you see?” If you do not, then you will know that other approaches by which we integrate society and technology must be considered.”  Think of Sousveillance as a form of counter surveillance, of you surveillancing the government. Rodney King would of been one of many forgotten victims of police brutality if not for the filming by Abraham Zapruder. As Big Brother is slowly increasing it’s threat to our privacy and liberty, So does Little Brother’s reach.


Richard Branson: S. Arabia attacking renewable energy with cheaper oil

According to Richard Branson, an entrepreneur, Saudi Arabia isn’t only trying to damage the US’s oil boom by trying to lower oil prices, but also trying to damage the global clean energy industry. The price for solar energy was actually cheaper than oil before oil prices dropped. Branson wants governments to issue a tax on fossil fuel users. OPEC, an association of the countries that produce oil, decided not to cut back on oil production. The price for oil has nearly dropped by half since June 2014. Many oil-producing countries have suffered as a result of the prices dropping.

Richard Branson: S. Arabia attacking renewable energy with cheaper oil

Falling Oil Prices Damages Clean Energy

An entrepreneur believes that Saudi Arabia is encouraging falling oil prices to hurt clean energy industries. “Before the oil price collapsed, solar was actually cheaper [than oil]. If oil goes down to $30-$40 a barrel, then it will make it much harder for clean energy. Governments are going to have to think hard how to adapt to low oil prices,” Richard Branson says.

Industrial Designer Creates The ‘Exo’ 3D Printed Prosthetic Leg with Aesthetics in Mind

William Root of Brooklyn New York is using 3D scanning to model, plan, and print customize prothesis limbs. He’s currently working on a prototype for what he calls a Exo – Prothesis Leg. Many other prothesis on the market give function in exchange for form, but his machine uses “3D scanning of the residual and the remaining limb to create a precisely matched and properly fitting prosthetic replica.”

3-D Printed Prosthetics That Look Fit for a Sci-Fi Warrior

A new type of prosthetic, called Exo, has emerged. It is cheaper than traditional prosthetic limbs, and looks really cool. It is made with this cool 3-D printer, and the company wants to make it so users can change the colors and designs to fit their personal styles.

Meet the Transhumanist Party: ‘Want to live forever? Vote for me’

Zoltan Istvan has founded the transhumanist party and is planning to run for US presidency, transhumanism is an umbrella term for a wide and large group of ideas united by the vision that technology now will soon allow us to enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. Zoltan is running on a very special platform, he will curtail military spendings and spend a trillion a year for ten years on life exertion and also manage the risks of rapid scientific advances. The transhumanisms believe that the singularity is near, which is when a computer programs is smart enough to create a even smarter version of itself which would start to outclass humans.But for now, he isn’t really to run yet, just to raise awareness about the issue.

Meet the Transhumanist Party: ‘Want to live forever? Vote for me’

A transhumanist, Zoltan Istvan, founded the Transhumanist Party in October 2014. He is planning to run for president of the US in the 2016 election. As a transhumanist, he supports the idea of humans becoming more than human—everything from enchancing our senses to 3D printing organs. Zoltan’s main goal is to extend lifespans. According to him, we’re very close to the science being developed—there’s just not enough money. He states that if he becomes president, he will channel military spending into research for this. He doesn’t really intend to win, just raise awareness.

Zoltan Istvan, leader of the Transhumanist Party and 2016 presidential contender

Zoltan Istvan, leader of the Transhumanist Party, wants to become the US president. As Istvan says, “While the Transhumanist Party has almost no chance of winning this election, its goal is to get on as many state ballots as possible, so people will see its promise and recognize what it stands for.” Technology will be the future of humankind.

Time travel, teleportation and invisibility cloaks will all exist by 2100, scientists claim

Physicists have predicted that personal space travel will be available by 2015. Invisibility cloaks (the Harry Potter ones) might become a reality by 2030—in fact, scientists have already developed many technologies that can make something invisible. A cloak is much harder to produce because the fibers in one have to be incredibly fine. Teleportation could be an everyday thing by 2080. Physicists have already invented reliable methods of teleportation, but only with electrons, not atoms. Time travel could exist by 2100. It has already been accomplished, but the record is only 0.02 seconds into the future. One would have to travel for 6 months at 10% the speed of light through space to jump 1 day into the future.

Time travel, teleportation and invisibility cloaks will all exist by 2100, scientists claim

DARPA Is Getting Closer to an Iron Man Suit

DARPA or Defense Advanced Research Project Agency have been made famous for its man eating machines and super-strength robots, but this time, they are developing a iron man suit. Well, almost. They have finished the individual parts but are working on sticking them all together. The finished model will allow a soldier to run a mile in 4 minutes and carry 100 pounds