Little Brother Is Watching You

The Rise of Little Brother is attributed to a new concept sousveillance, which is “privately made recordings that can serve as a counterweight to institutional and government surveillance”. Or in the words of the coiner of this word “Sousveillance is a form of “reflectionism,” a term invented by Mann (1998) for a philosophy and procedures of using technology to mirror and confront bureaucratic organizations. Reflectionism holds up the mirror and asks the question: “Do you like what you see?” If you do not, then you will know that other approaches by which we integrate society and technology must be considered.”  Think of Sousveillance as a form of counter surveillance, of you surveillancing the government. Rodney King would of been one of many forgotten victims of police brutality if not for the filming by Abraham Zapruder. As Big Brother is slowly increasing it’s threat to our privacy and liberty, So does Little Brother’s reach.


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