Al-Qaeda leader wanted in US killed in SWA

On Saturday, December 6, a top al-Qaeda commander was killed in Pakistan. He was identified as Adnan el Shukrijumah, and he is the most top-ranking al-Qaeda member to be killed by Pakistan forces thus far. Shukrijumah had been indicted in the US for an uncovered plan to bomb New York at rush hour. He had recruited three men to attack the subway at first, and they traveled to Pakistan in order to gain revenge for the US’s invasion of Afghanistan. The authorities in Pakistan stated that they found out that Shukrijumah had a compound, and tried to capture him alive.

Al-Qaeda leader wanted in US killed in SWA

In real life, do villains ever think of themselves as villains? How about in fiction?

The article states that Shukrijumah was planning to get revenge against the US. He might think of himself as just another side in the war, without black and white—it’s likely that he thinks that he is the good side.


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