Month: December 2014

Time travel, teleportation and invisibility cloaks will all exist by 2100, scientists claim

Physicists have predicted that personal space travel will be available by 2015. Invisibility cloaks (the Harry Potter ones) might become a reality by 2030—in fact, scientists have already developed many technologies that can make something invisible. A cloak is much harder to produce because the fibers in one have to be incredibly fine. Teleportation could be an everyday thing by 2080. Physicists have already invented reliable methods of teleportation, but only with electrons, not atoms. Time travel could exist by 2100. It has already been accomplished, but the record is only 0.02 seconds into the future. One would have to travel for 6 months at 10% the speed of light through space to jump 1 day into the future.

Time travel, teleportation and invisibility cloaks will all exist by 2100, scientists claim


DARPA Is Getting Closer to an Iron Man Suit

DARPA or Defense Advanced Research Project Agency have been made famous for its man eating machines and super-strength robots, but this time, they are developing a iron man suit. Well, almost. They have finished the individual parts but are working on sticking them all together. The finished model will allow a soldier to run a mile in 4 minutes and carry 100 pounds

Super Speed/Time Travel

Kip Thorn, the dude who brought real-life science into the movie Interstellar, has lots of interesting theories. He believes that wormholes can be used as a means of transportation across the universe, and it can also be used as a time machine. Even though the laws of physics prevent us from traveling back into the past, the future may not be as far as it seems.

Hong Kong protest falters

On Thursday, the massive tent camps in the center of Hong Kong were removed, along with 200 arrested protesters that remained. The protesting started months ago, demanding free and open elections. But the Chinese government refused to give concessions and basically waited the protests out. After months, the support for the protests started to die out, the people  felt that the students aren’t achieving anything political and are starting to desert en mass.Finally on Thursday, police arrived and removed the camps within 24 hours.

Why Hong Kong Students Protested

“What’s driven students into the streets? The fear that Hong Kong could become just another Chinese city.” All the students want is to preserve Hong Kong, and prevent it from becoming just like all the other Chinese cities. By being able to vote directly, they will be able to choose their own path to follow. “What made this possible—our free markets and our free press, our courts and our schools—are not gifts from the Chinese Communist Party; they are the fruits of our own labor.”

The Soviet Superman: Red Son

Superman lands in Kansas like many other famous people like Flint from GI Joe and Dorothy. But Mark Miller the man who wrote red son wondered what would happen if Superman landed in the Soviet Union instead. In his version, Superman lands on a collective farm in the Soviet Union, he adopts the sickle and hammer as his sign and is the champion of the working class, fighting for Stalinism, socialism and expansion of the Warsaw Pact. He however still remains the compassionate, fair, courageous and fearless superhero who loves humanity more than anything. His favorite “habit” remains saving lives. And he takes over the world.

Al-Qaeda leader wanted in US killed in SWA

On Saturday, December 6, a top al-Qaeda commander was killed in Pakistan. He was identified as Adnan el Shukrijumah, and he is the most top-ranking al-Qaeda member to be killed by Pakistan forces thus far. Shukrijumah had been indicted in the US for an uncovered plan to bomb New York at rush hour. He had recruited three men to attack the subway at first, and they traveled to Pakistan in order to gain revenge for the US’s invasion of Afghanistan. The authorities in Pakistan stated that they found out that Shukrijumah had a compound, and tried to capture him alive.

Al-Qaeda leader wanted in US killed in SWA

In real life, do villains ever think of themselves as villains? How about in fiction?

The article states that Shukrijumah was planning to get revenge against the US. He might think of himself as just another side in the war, without black and white—it’s likely that he thinks that he is the good side.

Self-Healing Powers

Will any “superhero powers” (say, telepathy, or super-strength) become a reality in our own lives?

Well, sort of. The Terminator, with its self healing powers, is one of the most popular heroes of all time. Scientists have come up with ways to make self-healing roads and concrete. Roads can now be repaired at a much cheaper price, and concrete does not break up when water leaks in. Scientists have also discovered that applying tension actually mends broken metal.