New S-97 Raider high speed attack helicopter unveiled

Sikorsky has newly revealed a prototype of the S-97 Raider. It is a high speed helicopter that can travel at twice the speed of conventional ones. The S-97 speed is granted by its double-rotor blades that rotates in the opposite direction, removing the need for a tail rotor. The tail however has been replaced with a propeller that can propel the helicopter to even higher speeds. Sikorsky plans to sell this plane to the US military to replace the V22 Osprey. Mark Hommond, the manager of the Raider project said “It won’t fly quite as fast as a tilt rotor. A tilt rotor is more like a plane that can also hover. Raider is more a helicopter that can fly really fast. It’s more manoeuvrable.”

V-22 Orsprey S-97 Raider


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