The Horror Before the Beheadings

James Foley was one of many foreigners captured by ISIS. One of 23 hostages captured from 12 countries, he was forced to give his password to the terrorists. They searched through his computer, looking at his Skype, Facebook, chats and everything else, looking for evidence of collaboration with Western militaries and/or spy agencies. They then google James Foley and the CIA, and James Foley and the KGM. They beated him, water boarded him, and hung him upside down from the ceiling. Many of the hostages converted to Islam, some for better treatment, but Foley really converted for the faith and believed in it, reading the Quran faithfully. The captors told the hostages that they would be released , gave them some chocolate, and even let a former disgraced ISIS member go. Even up until his execution, they asked him some intimate questions, similar to the ones that captors ask during a hostage situation giving him false hope.At first the pre-ISIS group just moved them around, not knowing what to do, but suddenly in 2013, they and every other foreign hostage were gathered in one place. They have decided to ransom them, the pre-ISIS group had finally transformed in ISIS. The group created a intricate bureaucracy, with police station, courts and a consumer protection office for kebab. But ISIS didn’t focus on the americans, as the US had a policy of not negotiating with terrorists.One by one, the Europeans were released until only the Americans and Briton were left.To this day only one American man, an American women, and Briton is left


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