Month: September 2014

How ISIS Uses Oil To Fund Terror

It has been revealed that ISIS has become one of the most wealthy terrorist organizations in history. They are earning up to $3 million per day from illegal oil trade. For example, 60% of Syrian oil is under ISIS control, and they are selling oil to the people who need it. This trade has contributed greatly to their expansion – the number of people who have joined ISIS has increased from 10,000 to 31,000.

How ISIS Uses Oil To Fund Terror


Gaza conflict: The hundreds who lost their lives

Around 1900 Palestinians have died since Israel’s Operation Protective Edge was launched, including 414 children and 87 old people. In Israel, only two civilians and a Thai farmer died. According to the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), 1890 Palestinians have lost their lives in this conflict.

Palestinian leader accuses Israel of ‘genocide’ at UN

The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, described the 50-day conflict in Gaza as a “war of genocide” that was started by the Israeli forces. About 2,100 Palestinians and 73 Israelis died in the conflict. President Abbas’s accusations have been met with outrage in both Israel and the US. According to Israel, most of the violence was caused by Hamas (a Palestine-Islamic organization). The Israeli Foreign Minister claimed that Abbas’s speech was a “speech of incitement filled with lies,” and the US State Department spokeswoman has stated that it “included offensive characterisations that were deeply disappointing”.

Palestinian leader accuses Israel of ‘genocide’ at UN

How much will it cost Britain to bomb ISIS?

Around $390 million, according to Malcolm Chalmers, research director from the Royal United Services Institute. They are also planning on using Brimstone missiles, each costing around 240,000 dollars. The UK has already used 47 tomahawk missiles for airstrikes in Syria, each costing around 1.5 million dollars.

Yemen clashes fuels fears of all-out sectarian war

In Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, violence has broken out between the Houthis and the Sunni Islamists. The Houthis are a clan who rebels against the government. Many people in the violence-heavy areas have been forced to pack up and leave their homes and businesses. A grocery owner has stated that the “fighting is so intense that we could feel our houses shaking.” The Houthis want Yemen’s government to step down, and over the past few weeks, there have been several demonstrations. They had been peaceful for the most part until September 9th, when the government forces started shooting at the demonstrators. People are extremely worried that the violence will escalate into something worse – even war.

BBC News – Yemen clashes fuels fears of all-out sectarian war

A war by any other name

The United States has not declared war against IS yet. According the Obama, the country has not yet declared war, but the house of representation has given funds for the war, and the CIA is conduction convert operations. The House of representatives are finally for the war while support was lukewarm last month.Operation will be confined to Iraq but not Syria

Torching Tax Offices in France

One hundred farmers drove tractors around town, destroyed an insurance office, dumped manure in front of a tax office, and prevented firefighters from stopping the fire they started in the insurance office. The farmers believe that they cannot live with the falling prices for their products, and are protesting against the tax policies set by the French government.

War reignited

Once more, Samsung and Apple are again fighting for smartphone supremacy. Samsung has released videos satirizing the brand new Iphone 6.  Samsung has the largest sales of smartphones on the planet, but Apple reigns in the top-end market. Last year the two supergiants clashed in court for copyright technologies that ended in pretty much stalemate.But a new power is rising out of a fertile ground for technology we call China, Xiaomi.This company has risen through odds to beat Samsung sales in China shipping 15 million phones.Will this new power be the next supergiant?

Oscar Pistorius found guilty of culpable homicide

Oscar Pistorius, a double-amputee and former Olympics star, was found guilty of manslaughter during his trial on September 11. On Valentine’s Day last year, Reeva Steenkamp, his girlfriend, died when the bullets Pistorius fired through a door hit her. Pistorius has been cleared of premeditated and spur-of-the-moment murder, and found guilty of manslaughter. He is facing up to 15 years in prison.