Spy Spotting

In Germany, Daniel Bangert is holding nature walks to observe spies in their natural habitat.Which is Dagger Complex, an American intelligence base near Griesheim, Germany. According to Daniel he wasn’t planning a protest and that he didn’t have any links to political groups. All he had done was put a message on Facebook inviting friends to go on a “nature walk” to “explore the endangered habitat of NSA spies”. Although 130 people go with him on his weekly tour, actual sightings of NSA employees are rare: “Spies are shy creatures,” Bangert said.On Snowden’s birthday, the walkers brought along cake in order to “lure the spies out of their hiding holes”.And for the anniversary, the organizers built a “bed for Snowden”, as a symbolic reminder of their ongoing campaign for Germany to offer asylum to the US whistleblower.So far, Bangert’s only interaction with those working in the Dagger Complex is the time a departing employee wound down his car window and called him a “PROFANITY”.





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