Month: August 2014

Amazon Buys Twitch

Amazon spent almost a billion dollars to buy Twitch, an online site for streaming gaming videos. Everyone expected Google to buy it a few months before, but for some unknown reason Amazon decided to buy it. One billion for a three-year-old brand seems too much.


Ebola-Stricken Countries Turning to Ancient Practice to Curb Outbreak

People in countries that have been devastated by Ebola are becoming desperate. Many of them have turned to an ancient remedy: quarantine. Quarantine was used during the Medieval Ages to try and stifle the bubonic plague. Countries are now isolating Ebola hot zones and hoping that this will contain the outbreak. Some people are critical of this approach, saying that infections could still spread from place to place and that people inside the quarantine zone might try to flee. Since places have been put under quarantine, at least 652 more people have contracted Ebola.

ISIS Militants Behead Lebanese Soldier and Hold 18 More

ISIS has launched an attack on a Lebanese border town and captured 19 Lebanese troops, beheading one.The attack came after the capture of a commander at the border town of Arsal. By the way the border town captured was also Arsal which was then seized for 5 day before the ISIS retreated.


The Secretary of Defense said that ISIS is beyond a threat that they’d ever seen, and indeed it is. President Obama has increased the number of troops in Iraq, and are giving them a more aggressive role.ISIS has seen a string of Victories taking Musal and Tikir two major cites in Iraq, making it probably the first terrorist group to have helicopter, stinger missiles, and other powerful weapons from taking over Iraqi military bases.

North Korea and its Rockets

According to the U.S.-Korea Institute at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Affairs, North Korea may be close to creating a road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile. No one is sure how close the North Koreans are, but if they succeed they will be able to fire nuclear warheads at the United States.


The Chinese cult that kills ‘demons’

A woman was brutally beaten to death in a McDonalds in China. A Christian cult that goes by the name “the Church of the Almighty God” is responsible for this and many other murders. This cult is furious at the Chinese government for persecuting religious faith until the 1970s. One of the murdereres, when interviewed, showed no remorse and claimed that the woman was a “demon that they had to destroy.”

BBC News – The Chinese cult that kills ‘demons’

Michael Brown shooting: Governor declares state of emergency

One week ago, a black teenager was shot in a Ferguson, Missouri by a police officer. Protests have been breaking out ever since with citizens and police officers clashing in the streets. Although there has been no further known shootings, Governer Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency and vows to maintain peace.

No More African Polar Bears

The last polar bear in Africa died last Wednesday, in a zoo. The polar bear’s name was Wang. He spent his last days mourning for his companion, a polar bear named GeeBee, who died in January because of a heart attack. The zoo is not planning to get new polar bears, so there will be no more African polar bears.

Spy Spotting

In Germany, Daniel Bangert is holding nature walks to observe spies in their natural habitat.Which is Dagger Complex, an American intelligence base near Griesheim, Germany. According to Daniel he wasn’t planning a protest and that he didn’t have any links to political groups. All he had done was put a message on Facebook inviting friends to go on a “nature walk” to “explore the endangered habitat of NSA spies”. Although 130 people go with him on his weekly tour, actual sightings of NSA employees are rare: “Spies are shy creatures,” Bangert said.On Snowden’s birthday, the walkers brought along cake in order to “lure the spies out of their hiding holes”.And for the anniversary, the organizers built a “bed for Snowden”, as a symbolic reminder of their ongoing campaign for Germany to offer asylum to the US whistleblower.So far, Bangert’s only interaction with those working in the Dagger Complex is the time a departing employee wound down his car window and called him a “PROFANITY”.